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Are you looking to redesign your logo or business look and feel, or perhaps to sharpen up your marketing material? We can help!

If your business is like most businesses, it has probably grown and evolved over the years. Maybe even your services or products have evolved and changed. 

So, has your brand kept up with these changes?

Be Ready for Change

Revamping your business requires shifting your thinking and being ready, willing and able to let go of things you felt were perfect, which may no longer be the case.

A first step is to be open to changing or adjusting the way you do business and you have to be prepared to act immediately.

Evolution is Inevitable – Embrace it

If your company is operating the same way today as it did when it was first launched, then you are stagnant, which means you are losing business.

Change is very important.  Whether it is a complete overhaul or a few adjustments, every company can stand a bit of improvement.

Use these rules when rebranding:

• Give your brand a story.

• Don’t compromise brand equity.

• Streamline your identity.

• Revitalise to broaden your appeal.

Signs that you Need to Rebrand  

• You have an outdated and/or homegrown brand.

• Your brand is obvious.

• Your brand makes no “promise”.

• Your brand is inconsistently implemented across mediums.

• Your branding doesn’t represent you.

• Your brand has no targets.

• Your brand has an enemy within.


However, you present yourself – in words or visuals – we design, advise, 

activate & execute.

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