Why Email Marketing is still revelant? Socia Media Management | Nelon
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Why email marketing is still relevant

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Why email marketing is still relevant

There’s a lot of chatter that with the evolution of social media and other communication platforms, email marketing is becoming redundant. However, according to an article published in Forbes,

‘A whopping 59% of B2B marketers report that email marketing is their most effective channel for generating revenue, and marketers continue to find ways to innovate (emojis in subject lines, anyone?).’

Benefits of B2B and B2C email marketing

  1. Most of us use email every day

When we get to work, what’s the first thing that we usually do? Check our emails. For the ‘pre-social media’ generation, email was the sole digital communication method and in spite of instant-messaging apps, still remains a strong means of interaction between sender and receiver.

  1. Email marketing is affordable

Email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp offer functionality such as automation that allows marketers to reach targeted media lists very easily.

Segmentation allows marketers to refine our media lists so that the mailers can be more relevant.

The affordable price tag of email marketing platforms gives startups and small businesses the opportunity to implement their marketing strategies on a low budget and potentially achieve the same results as companies with a much higher marketing spend. Essentially, email marketing is a powerful engagement tool that doesn’t require a huge amount of money to used effectively and successfully.

  1. Email still encourages strong engagement

The bulk of email marketing platforms only require a name and an email address for marketers to send email communication to prospective clients/customers. This makes your target audience easily reachable.

Other forms of communication and advertising such as PPC and social media campaigns are effective if used correctly but obtaining favourable results usually requires a larger marketing budget.

Another advantage of email marketing is that it gives marketers the opening to segment targeted audiences through strategic communication methods.

An example of this is an email drip campaign: ­pre-written emails containing an in-context call-to-action that can be sent automatically to a specified list of clients/customers.

  1. Essential personalisation capabilities

Email marketing’s USP is its ability to reach clients/customers on a personal level and is a driver for higher audience engagement. This is valuable because people are bombarded with out-of-context ads every day, which are pushed by automated browser history tracking methods such as cookies; it’s programmatic, not personal.

  1. Quick communication capability – due to mobile browsing

Today, the majority of emails are accessed through mobile devices and usually opened within minutes of receipt. This gives marketers a direct line of communication to their clients/customers in a short amount of time.

By amalgamating all these factors, it’s not a stretch to say that email marketing allows marketers a channel through which context and sincerity isn’t lost. Furthermore, it gives you a platform to highlight your products/services.


Insightful. Effective. Affordable – three factors that give email marketing its gravitas in the constantly-evolving digital world. From start-ups to established mega-corporate companies, an email marketing programme/platform will continually help businesses engage target audiences personally, and gain more followers through offering contextual, relevant content.

This is why we can confidently say that email marketing ISN’T dead, it’s constantly adapting to the ever-changing digital landscape.

Interested in a company that offers a comprehensive email marketing service? Contact us, drop in for a cup of coffee and we’ll help you reach and engage with quality leads.


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