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Introducing Nelon’s Brand Health Check

Branding and Marketing Cape Town

Introducing Nelon’s Brand Health Check

Do you really know if your brand is performing to its full potential across all channels that you utilise? Are you able to monitor the execution of strategies in real-time and compile a comprehensive report? If you aren’t able to definitively answer these critical questions, your brand could be infected and need a check-up.

Nelon is proud to introduce its latest service offering, the Brand Health Check. The procedure is performed by a team of experts from our design, marketing and management departments. All data is collected, analysed and collated into an all-inclusive report containing a thorough, accurate breakdown of the positive and negative elements that are contributing to your brand’s current performance.

Founder of Nelon, Chris Nel, comments, “Out of all my years of experience as a business consultant, I feel that gaining insight into a brand provides valuable direction to move forward with conceptualising and implementing effective strategies.”

Our brand health check entails a:

  1. Digital check
  2. Content check
  3. Creative check
  4. Social media check
  5. Competitor check
  6. Brand Reputation check
  7. User experience (UX) check

The value of our brand health check

Our strategically-constructed Brand Health Check is quick to complete.  Applying industry-leading tools and our knowhow on critical information you provide, we’ll perform a meticulous analysis and insight into your business’ strengths and areas on which it can improve.

We have an array of specialised packages which we can recommend to ignite sub-par performing areas.

From a fundamental SEO package to ensure that all the core aspects of your site are in place and functioning correctly, to a full-blown brand manual, our experts will ensure that you meet your objectives, goals and get the conversions you want.

Our brand health check also shows us the aspects your business is  doing well in and we can help you leverage, refine and supercharge these areas to differentiate you from competitors.

Key Points

A brand audit gives you an in-depth understanding of your brand’s online presence and once you know the overall performance of your brand, you will have a benchmark of how to fix weaknesses, refine your strengths and ultimately evolve to grow your business.

To find out more about our design, brand management and marketing services, please contact us, or find out more about our brand health check here. Discover your brand with Nelon now.

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