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The Power of a Lead Funnel

The Power of a Lead Funnel

“The generation of quality leads that convert is essential to the sustainability of a business.”

In theory, it sounds simple, but practically implementing an effective marketing method is an entirely different monster. In this article, we’ll take a look at a dynamic tool in your marketing inventory – the lead funnel.

What is a lead funnel?

If you’re a marketer, you should be familiar with the basic principles of this marketing method, but if this is new for you, here’s a short rundown.

A lead funnel is a marketing process whereby a business can attract and refine organic traffic (prospective clients) into quantified; quality leads that convert into paying clients/customers.

How does a lead funnel work?

Think of a lead funnel as a set of levels in a video game: If you’ve never played the game, you’ll select the ‘easy’ level to get yourself orientated with the game, it’s not complicated, and anyone can start the game.

In truth, some people won’t like the game and stop before they ‘level-up’ (become a quality lead), others will carry on…and on until they’ve finished the game (a converted lead.)

– Many factors influence the decision. Perhaps the user experience (UX) was too complicated, or user-interface (UI) was not user-friendly.

Remember, that while the people that carry on dripping through the funnel are your target audience, don’t renege on ‘following up’ on those who dropped off – “updates, new features, bug fixes” any value-add is beneficial to entice more leads.

We hope this analogy helps.

Benefits of a lead funnel

According to an article published in the Sophisticated Marketer Quarterly entitled ‘How to give your marketing full-funnel power’:

“Brand awareness prepares the ground for demand generation from increasingly informed prospects, which then gives way to the crucial business of generating leads and working with sales to close deals and increase customer value.” This is the overarching power of a lead funnel. Here are some key benefits of a lead funnel.

  • Fast loading (mobile-friendly): Page speed matters to Google and is a primary factor that influences the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ decision of your potential customers.
  • Focus on a specific message and call-to-action: Whether you’re launching a new website or promoting a campaign, a lead funnel gives you the platform to shout out a strong CTA that will drive organic traffic to your website.
  • Data capture tool: By incorporating an automated marketing platform such as Mailchimp with your lead funnel, you can easily add their information to create (or add to an existing database) of leads.
  • Help you define your ideal customer: Quality leads that convert are the customers you want to deal with, but consistently tweaking the messages conveyed from lead-funnel observations can turn a prospect into a paying customer/client.

Lead funnel management

As mentioned earlier, following up with potential leads is crucial, and a lead funnel gives you the ability to segment and measure prospects’ ‘stage in the game’. It’s vital to construct your messages to align with each segment strategically.

Lead management provides you with an opportunity to convince prospective clients/customers that you are an authority in your field and consequently, why they should conduct their business with your company.

Your customers are out there, use the power of a lead funnel to find them!

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