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The benefits of remarketing

The benefits of remarketing

Not getting the marketing results you want?

Imagine that you ran a multi-channel campaign: you’ve invested many hours crafting content, bidding for keywords and boosted many posts on Facebook. It’s been a tiresome process, but your conversion rate is still far below forecast. Different factors may have influenced the result.

Perhaps the content wasn’t relevant enough, or the pay-per-click ads weren’t optimised for the most pertinent keywords. Don’t give up! We can help you re-ignite and drive it again through an effective remarketing strategy.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing (a.k.a retargeting) is a digital marketing strategy that serves targeted ads to people who have visited or made any action on a website. Remarketing is a useful tool for a company to promote a service offering and/or product or to achieve a specific goal such as quality lead generation or conversions.

What are the benefits of remarketing?

1.    Audience targeting through segmentation

Remarketing gives marketers the ability to deliver ads based on visitors’ previous behaviour that has been measured and can be leveraged.

According to an article published on Forbes’ website, ‘Consider creating multiple lists that are concentrated on certain categories, products or specific product pages. This can give you the same market reach but bring about higher conversion rates by offering specific products or services to specific customers.’ This serves as a mechanism to guide users further down the lead funnel.

2.    Improve the relevancy of targeted ads

Remarketing can be tracked and measured, giving marketers a real consumer behavioural analysis. Before implementation, it’s essential to understand the intention of the ad fully; this will be determined by the phase of the funnel that you’re targeting. Based on this, ads can be created, refined and targeted explicitly for each audience segmentation.

Through a combination of appropriate content, SEO and improved call-to-actions (CTAs), ads can be more personalised to appeal to the visitor’s interests. The less generic the message, the better chance you have to reattract the visitor.

3.    Regain traffic loss

The ability to regain traffic loss is one of remarketing’s super-strength features. It lets brands re-engage with visitors who were on the site previously. Primarily, it offers your brand another chance to reach out to a prospective client/customer and bring them back onto your website. Effective SEO and referrals via targeted social media campaigns are a powerful combo to recapture prospects that have a higher probability of converting.

4.    Cross-selling and upselling

Remarketing, by extension, serves as a perfect platform for a brand to cross-sell and upsell products and/or services. A targeted lead may have not converted for certain product and/or service, but they may require a similar offering.

It’s particularly effective for visitors in the marketing-qualified lead (MQL) phase of the lead funnel. It can ingrain the worth of added value to a product/service that has already converted.

Marketing services to help you better attract your audience

Remarketing is a useful tool in a brand’s inventory if used correctly. If you’re looking to remarket a campaign or your entire brand, contact us. As marketing specialists, we’re here to help you by providing next level marketing services ranging from PPC to SEO and social media marketing.

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