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How to be a success business: A look at Uber’s effective brand marketing strategy

How to be a success business: A look at Uber’s effective brand marketing strategy

The Uber case study on how to be a successful business

Every business was a start-up originally. Jeff Bezos began Amazon in his garage, and Facebook was born at Harvard in Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm room. Today, it’s almost impossible to fathom the e-commerce and social media juggernauts were an idea. So, what’s the ‘secret’ that allowed two ideas to become billion-dollar giants in their respective industries? In this article, we’re going to use Uber as a case study, to answer the burning question.

Unique business model and marketing strategy

The essence of a successful business is to offer a solution to a problem that customers didn’t know they had in the first place. Uber saw a ‘problem’ in the heavily saturated public transport industry and by capitalising on today’s available mobile technology created a more convenient, reliable and safe travel experience for the public.

The company created and implemented an innovative 7-step marketing strategy that played a significant role propelling a ride-sharing company to grow and, today, be valued at over $62 billion.

A few steps from Uber’s marketing strategy

Clever campaigns and tactics

Uber identified that the key demographic is the millennial generation and launched a variety of edgy “surprise and delight” marketing campaigns that generated positive awareness about the brand for new and existing customers. For example, a ride with famous musicians was a reward for passengers who signed up for one of their special offers.


Uber implemented a give-money-get-money whereby passengers could give friends free rides and earn credits in return. The innovative brand marketing programme gave firs-time users an incentive to try the service.


The implementation of rating systems for passengers and drivers was a key differentiator between Uber and traditional metered taxis. It served as an effective way to foster trust between company and client.

Omni-channel approach

An effective brand management strategy is vital for any company. One of the benefits is that calculated marketing insights can be actioned based on research and analysis. For Uber, it became clear that their product could integrate its presence to other channels like social media: Uber partnered with Facebook Messenger to allow users to request rides directly from the popular messaging app.

Further insight revealed ways of cross-pollinating their business concept into other industries. Bezos embraced the evolution of technology and integrated Amazon into cloud computing, digital streaming and artificial intelligence. Following suit, Uber took a piece of the food delivery service industry by creating UberEATS which is now a standalone app. They’ve even branched into the medical sector with UberHEALTH which delivers flu shots.

Uber found a problem and using the ‘new tools’ at their disposal used mobile technology and other online platforms to create a unique customer-focused experience.

However, their marketing strategy succeeded because it was based on the premise of customers being treated as individuals and therefore could be tailored to fulfil the very ‘real’ needs of safe, convenient travel at an affordable price for their target market.

At Nelon, we use a state-of-the-art methodology to obtain an across-the-board understanding of your business so that we can customise a marketing strategy to meet your objectives. We also specialise in online brand reputation to ensure your company is always held in the highest regard.

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