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Blue Ribbon Campaign

Marketing Campaign

Project Details

Marie Stopes South Africa wanted to launch the Blue Ribbon campaign – an initiative that spread awareness about a woman’s legal right to have a safe abortion in South Africa.

Our Challenge

To conceptualise, design, market and manage the campaign. Essentially, we had to find a strategy that would tangibly convey the following statement:

“We want to reach the day when all women in South Africa can proudly say, ‘It’s my body, my choice!’ I have the legal right to have a safe abortion performed by high-quality women’s healthcare facilities.”


After our discovery and research steps ingrained in our methodology, we developed a strategy that conveyed a very clear, non-sugar-coated message: every woman has the right to legal, safe abortion in South Africa.

From a design perspective, it was essential that all of the visuals echoed the seriousness of the issue, but pure human emotion is prominent as well.

“Over 10,000 illegal
abortions performed in
South Africa every year.”

Our Approach

Our Creative Director, Bryan Bruton, comments, ‘We created two streams: the brand stream and the ‘my story’ stream. The Blue Ribbon itself needed to be an iconic representation of the campaign: every woman has the right to legal, safe abortion in South Africa. Next, we created a story stream that discussed three individuals’ stories about their experience with illegal, unsafe abortion and how Marie Stopes helped them ensure their ordeal never happened again.’

Whitney Chinogwenya, Head of Marketing for Marie Stopes South Africa, reiterates the importance of the campaign, “The Blue Ribbon

campaign is a platform through which we are able to raise awareness about women’s legal rights to safe abortion in South Africa. We want to erase the stigma attached to the word, ‘abortion’. ‘My Body. My Choice’ is more than a slogan, it’s an assurance that we support women every step of the way to ensure they are able to make an informed decision about their sexual and reproductive health.”

We believe that we successfully helped MSSA achieve their vision of raising awareness about accessibility to women’s healthcare facilities throughout the country.


We created the following collateral for the Blue Ribbon campaign:

  1. Designing and developing a dedicated website
  2. Content origination
  3. A social media campaign
  4. Print collateral
    • Blue Ribbon lapel badge
    • Posters
    • Flyers
    • Brochures
    • Banners
  5. A press release
  6. Mailer
  7. Designed merchandise
  8. Press advert

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