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The benefits of remarketing

Imagine that you ran a multi-channel campaign: you’ve invested many hours crafting content, bidding for keywords and boosted many posts on Facebook. It's been a tiresome process, but your conversion rate is still far below forecast. Different factors may have influenced the result. Perhaps the content wasn’t relevant enough, or the pay-per-click ads weren’t optimised [...]

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Nelon launches #GiveBack Initiative

Brand Management and Marketing Agency offers SMEs a much-needed boost  Who are we? In short, we’re a unique agency focused on the entrepreneurial space with one purpose: to create epic journeys of growth that unlock our clients’ potential. Nelon, a creative brand management agency’s #GiveBack initiative, offering South African companies a chance to win a [...]

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Introducing Nelon’s Brand Health Check

Do you really know if your brand is performing to its full potential across all channels that you utilise? Are you able to monitor the execution of strategies in real-time and compile a comprehensive report? If you aren’t able to definitively answer these critical questions, your brand could be infected and need a check-up. Nelon [...]

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Brand Building: Chwai

BRAND BUILDING: CHWAI Chwai was formed in 2009, operating primarily as a construction support services company, and a supplier of building material and associated hardware products to master builders, building contractors, home improvers and private developers. Yanga Njozela, managing director of Chwai, approached us to help him develop his company’s brand so he could pursue [...]

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Importance of Having an Outstanding Company Profile

Importance of Having an Outstanding Company Profile If you are thinking about starting a new business and want to make a memorable first impression, then your company profile should be dynamic and comprehensive, clearly explaining your vision to customers and/or stakeholders. A well-written company profile is the best way to introduce your business, products, and [...]

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