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Project Details

Fragrance Boutique is a bespoke perfumery that reverse-engineers international luxury fragrances imported from the finest factories in Grasse, France. Their mission is to offer the public reverse engineered, original fragrances packaged in no-nonsense bottles, without the international marketing & advertising costs.

They asked us to design and compile marketing collateral for their Father’s Day campaign.

Our challenge

Firstly, to conceptualise and design a web banner, Facebook cover as well as a table-talker, and secondly, compile a targeted social media post for their Father’s Day campaign.


Having worked with the client for a long time, we were already familiar with their brand design and USP. Based on this, our graphic designers created bespoke collateral to communicate their campaign to consumers effectively.

Our Approach

After our discovery and research steps ingrained in our methodology, our expert designers did what they do best and created Facebook and website banners that reflected Fragrance Boutique’s unique selling proposition (USP) and the elegant luxury associated with international fragrances.


1. Facebook banner
2. Website banner
3. Table-talker
4. Social media post

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