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Mathee Dental Studio

Online Advertising

Project Details

Mathee Dental Studio, a high-quality dental practice, based in Somerset West, required strategic, effective pay-per-click advertising on Google to boost the number of appointment bookings.

Our Challenge

To gain an in-depth understanding of the dental care industry and create paid-advertising campaigns within relevant ad groups with a targeted message that would entice users to choose Mathee Dental Studio over its competitors.


Our team investigated the client’s current website: we looked specifically at the services they offer. Furthermore, we analysed relevant keywords based on the service offerings, the client’s past online advertising performance, and ran a complete competitor analysis to establish how we could create ads that would outshine the competition.

Our Approach

Once we identified the optimal keywords to utilise as well as target audience, we set out to design bespoke, online advertising campaigns. Within the campaigns, different ad groups

are created, each of which has a core message relevant to the user. From there, we monitor the campaigns’ performance and continuously adapt them to enhance their performance.


An effective advertising campaign that produced a 3.57% increase in conversion rate.

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