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Brand Health Audit

A comprehensive Strategy Guide To Write Your New Brand Chapters

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Our brand storytellers show you how to BOOST YOUR BRAND through it’s next chapters


First step on your mission towards achieving a better brand:

Do you know how your brand is performing and it’s current market position? If you aren’t able to definitively answer this critical question, your brand could be infected and in need of a brand health check.

Meet your team of Design, Marketing, and Brand Management Experts performing the brand health audit:

Digital Strategist

Social Media Guru

Brand Storyteller

Design Master

Brand Health Check

Second step on your mission towards achieving a better brand:

We perform a full brand assessment, extracting data from the 5 pillars: Digital, content creation, creative design, social media, competitor analysis, user experience (UX) and online reputation, starting with your digital footprint (e.g. PPC, SEO, social media marketing) and ending with your brand reputation management.

Our Next Level Design, Marketing and Brand Management Strategy

– tailored to your personal brand needs

Third step on your mission towards achieving a better brand:

All data is collected, analysed and collated into a comprehensive report

The report reveals a complete, accurate breakdown of the positive and negative elements that are contributing to your brand’s current impact in your industry. The comprehensive report offers strategic guidelines to facilitate writing your new brand chapters.

At Nelon we not only show you tailored insights for overall brand and business levelling up. Our design, marketing and brand management services cover all the areas your brand could be identified as performing weak in. As part of the brand audit we suggest which services you need to turn your brand weaknesses into asset generating attributes. Action the strategy guidelines and reap the benefits.

→ Brand Mission Completed ←

Why your brand health is important

Once you know your overall performance of your brand, you will have a benchmark against which you can determine how to fix weaknesses, refine your strengths and ultimately evolve to grow your bottom line.

Based on problem areas identified in the brand health check, a digital strategy will be drawn up with the intention to assist you in reaching your brand potential. This may include creating a website design strategy as well as a marketing plan (e.g. PPC, email marketing, social media), styling guide, brand manual, logo design, SEO strategy and more based on the identified areas that can be improved. Take the first step towards reaching your brand potential with this initial phase in our strategic brand management approach.

Diagnose Brand Health Now

“80% of customers say your online reviews and reputation influence their buying decisions”

Get our brand health check and take the first step towards

Unique strategies, software, and reporting that give you amazing results.

Areas of expertise assessed in our NEXT LEVEL Brand Health Check:

Digital check

A strong digital footprint is essential to gauge how your brand is displayed to the world. If Google can’t find you, how can you expect potential customers to find you? Identify areas your brand is lacking in and perform better online.

Content check

High-quality, relevant content engages your audience which helps drive organic traffic to your website as well as your social media pages. Content creation needs to be a well thought out plan. Are you ticking the checkboxes for the right type of SEO friendly content your customers need?

Creative check

Your brand has to have its own unique identity that aligns with your core message across all media. Find out if you have the right brand identity to appeal to your customers.


Social check

A prominent social media presence helps to create a ‘community’ of users who are actively engaged with your brand. Channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are used by billions of people every day, making them perfect platforms to find and engage with your target audience. Knowing your current social media performance facilitates strategizing for future social media marketing and management.

Competitor check

Knowing what your competitors are doing is key to stand apart. With the right insights you can leverage strategies to gain an advantage over the competition.


Reputation check

Your brand’s reputation shapes the way it’s perceived by consumers and a negative association can cause irreparable damage. Find out how you can get your brand performing better.

User experience (UX) check

Is your website easy to navigate? Your user has to be able to find what they’re looking for very quickly and complete the desired action as seamlessly as possible. Discover if your digital experience satisfies user experience design principles. Do you need UX design services by an insightful UX designer?

Some of our clients:

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marketing agency clients

marketing agency clients

marketing agency clients

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Other services:

We do more than just offer a fantastic brand health check. From content creation, to social media marketing, brand manual, and public relations, Nelon offers a variety of design, marketing and brand management services to suit your individual brand needs.


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