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Brand Management

Reach your brand potential and increase lead generation with our brand management experts

Stop Mismanaging Your Brand

BOOST your brand performance with a carefully crafted BRAND MANAGEMENT strategy

80% of customers say your online reviews and reputation influence their buying decisions. Choose the right Brand Management Specialists to monitor, strategise and fully leverage your brand potential. We are Brand Storytellers, painting your new brand chapters.


Our team of experts is able to provide valuable insight into how to manage your brand more effectively and implement according to your specific objectives.

brand management

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Brand Management is what we do!

The first step involves our team obtaining a comprehensive understanding of your business, industry, competition, and customers. This includes meeting with your team, conducting research, customer interviews and drilling down to the core perception of your brand.

Our Brand management service includes monthly planning meetings to discuss objectives as well as customised, monthly reporting.

You’ll find this one-on-one time to be supremely beneficial. The insights and data presented during these sessions lead to focused brainstorming sessions, encouraging you to work ON their business, not simply IN it.

What to expect:

• Discovery, Growth, Insights, and Points
• Strategic Marketing Insights
• Consultations with the Team
• Briefing Meetings
• Extensive Research (industry, client, competitor review, issues, insights, objectives, challenges)
• Implementation of Agreed upon Objectives
• Reporting Summary and Analysis

Chris Nel
Founder – Nelon Pty Ltd
Sales Strategist and Brand Consultant

Why choose us?

Chris is driven by a natural curiosity about what is possible, constantly researching, testing and implementing. He offers his intuition, imagination, and ability to cultivate breakthrough thinking to work with current and emerging leaders and business owners. He has earned a reputation as a creative business partner and generous thought leader.

Chris is an experienced entrepreneur and business owner, carrying under his belt many years of personal and professional development and growth. As a business consultant, Chris leverages his depth of business knowledge to motivate, educate and inspire clients to achieve a higher level of success. For his executive clients, Chris aligns leaders to the vision and future of the organisation, supporting them in the execution of key strategies and tactics to move initiatives forward.

He excels, especially, in the strategic aspects of branding, marketing, and digital projects. The advice he provides is honest and direct with the objective of achieving results. Chris’s knowledge and insight are not just based on textbooks or theory. They are based on real-life experience and proven methods with very successful brands.


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