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Brand Manual

Professional corporate brand identity with a style guide
– to help your business level up.

Not Reaching Your Brand Potential?

BOOST your brand with a carefully crafted BRAND MANUAL

Developing a strong, authentic brand and delivering it consistently is the foundation upon which every successful business is built. We can help you lay that first stone.
We are Brand Storytellers and Talented Designers, painting your new brand chapters and leveraging your brand to it’s true potential.


Branding is about the promise of a distinct, memorable experience

It’s about creating an expectation and delivering it consistently every time anyone comes into contact with your brand. Whether it’s the way you answer the phone, the functioning of your website, your customer service process, the décor of your office or the performance of your product/service, a brand manual gives you the consistency you need.

All of these elements play a significant role in your customers’ emotions, influencing their decision-making processes when they are interacting with your brand. It’s why you shop at store A vs. store B even if the price or product is similar.

Unique, corporate brand identity professionally-designed by inspirational graphic designers

We’ll help uncover what makes you special. What differentiates you from the competition and defines who you are, and who your target audience wants you to be.

The development of this brand will be essential to consistently delivering the right message to the right people in order to create the right reaction.

Your Brand Manual will consist of two sections:

A Creative Overview and a Style Guide

Creative Overview

The Creative Overview section will highlight your brand logo, colour and font usage. This is your handbook outlining how to properly express your brand: where and how to use the logo, colours, fonts and conversely, how NOT to use them. This gives you the foundation to communicate your message consistently.

Style Guide

The Style Guide will highlight creative templates to be used for Email Signatures, Letterheads, Business Cards, and Corporate Folder.

Creative Overview

Your brand is the cornerstone of all your marketing efforts – whether you’ve been in business for 10 days or 10 years. We can create an effective brand overview that works for you. Whether you’re launching a new business, or simply need to refresh your company’s existing identity.

Your Creative Overview will clearly define:

  • Logo design
  • Tagline development
  • Brand colours
  • Brand fonts

Style Guide

Every company has its own tone and voice. Style guides help you maintain consistency throughout the communications and marketing of your brand. Never underestimate the image and branding potential of something as simple as your business card or stationery design – anything bearing your brand influences customers opinions.

Your Style Guide may include any, or all, of the following elements:

Corporate Stationery

  • Business cards
  • Email signatures
  • Letterheads
  • Folders

Digital Media

  • Social media
  • Web banners
  • Newsletters
  • Web adverts

Print Media

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Advertisements
  • Banners

Other services

Our services extend beyond a brand manual. The team of brand management experts at Nelon offer a full brand audit, design and marketing services as well as brand reputation management. Interested in other essential services to improve your brand performance? View more services here:

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Brand Manual

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