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Company Profile

Professional Company Profile designed by talented graphic designers

Not generating enough sales?

Boost your SALES with a carefully crafted Company Profile – A Classic Sales Tool 

A company profile design can be a powerful tool when it comes to winning over potential clients if designed in a professional and strategic manner. Choose the right Strategists and  Graphic Designers to optimise your company profile design. We are Brand Storytellers and Multi-skilled Experts, painting your new brand chapters and developing your professional corporate identity.


A well-written company profile is an essential element of your business.

The purpose of a company profile is to give the public an overview of your company’s services/products, the target audience, your track record and ultimately what sets your brand apart from industry competitors.

Beyond stating the facts, it should also convey your business’ values and culture for your target market to get an insight into your distinct character.

Prospective and existing clients are going to be the predominant readers of your company profile. However, it must also be able to attract the attention of anybody – this is where we can help. Have a look at some example work our talented graphic designers developed here.

Examples of our company profile projects

Why a company profile is important

The value associated with a good company profile:

  • promote your business effectively
  • gain interested customers
  • communicates a unique selling proposition

Find out more how to make sure your company profile meets industry standards here.

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The importance of having an outstanding company profile

Our brand agency approach to company profile design

Our team will invite you to a kickoff meeting in which we will discuss and discover the uniqueness of your brand. We’ll review your current collateral and recommend the necessary material that we need to make your company profile shine. Find out more about our advertising agency in Cape Town and get to know our brand management team here.

We may recommend the following company information

About / Welcome / Introduction:

  • Short welcoming statement
  • Company information
  • Company vision / mission
  • Industry objectives
  • Guarantees

Team Profiles:

  • Contact details
  • Company structure
  • Introduce the team
  • Points of culture

Detailed Products and Services:

  • Overview of the marketplace
  • Products and services description
  • Pictures and images
  • Portfolio / Projects
  • Description and photos of developments
  • Clients / Trade
  • Community Projects (CSI projects)


  • Testimonials
  • Awards
  • Certifications
  • Special programmes/projects
  • News /media recognition
  • Partners

What you can expect?

  • High-quality Company Profile supplied in a shareable PDF format
  • Print-ready PDF


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