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Email Marketing

Market your brand with cost-effective email marketing services

Email is the gateway to understanding behavioural marketing and has the highest reported ROI of any marketing channel available.

Let us help you start a personalised conversation with your audience. This will play a large role in gaining an understanding of your customers’ needs and expectations; we’ll be able to monitor, shape and predict customer behaviour. The in-depth insight allows us to gauge where our efforts should be specifically focused.

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Our approach to email marketing

We use email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp that offer functionality such as automation that allows us to reach targeted media lists very easily. Furthermore, segmentation allows for refinement of your media lists so that the mailers can be more relevant. We’ll work with you every step of the way to create an effective communication strategy that will help generate quality leads.

Drive engagement with every email

Contact us, drop in for a cup of coffee and we’ll help you reach and engage with quality leads.

Why choose us?

• Custom-designed mailers created to grab the readers’ attention.
• MailChimp integration into your website to automatically grow your database lists.
• Content generation.
• Linking strategies to drive visitors to your website and generated effective goal completions.
• Comprehensive feedback and reporting 7 days after sending.


Start A Project

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