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Public Relations

Tailored PR Campaign

Stop Feeling Invisible Online

BOOST your brand presence with a carefully crafted PUBLIC RELATIONS strategy

We are Brand Storytellers, painting your new brand chapters and developing your online and offline brand presence.


marketing service package for audience growth

Looking for a value add audience booster package to suit your needs?

We offer value add packages that include press release drafting, targeted media list creation and more. Learn about our Audience Booster Packages here.

The purpose of a PR campaign is to define, plan and execute a specific objective for a client e.g. ‘to increase traffic to your website by 50% or to boost sales through social media advertising’.

Our approach to a creating a comprehensive public relations strategy

We’ll deliver the intended message (objective) to a targeted audience. The message will be clear and concise to avoid any confusion. Furthermore, it will inform the audience, and entice them to take an action – e.g. answer your call-to-action.

Our objectives:

  • Generate coverage with a set Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE)
  • Obtain a 3:1 Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Maximise brand exposure
  • Generate a set cost-per-thousand (CPM)

Scope of services

Press Releases
Generate and issue interesting and relevant content to right-fit media.

Media Relations
This is where we shine. We know how to harness an interview opportunity with the media to tell your story, launch your product, or introduce your new partners.

Pitch in interviews on the relevant topics.

PR Measurement
Public relations is valuable, but how do you measure it? We look at the number of articles placed, online impressions and where the article was placed (was it a cover story?) to assign specific values to media coverage.

Media Invites
Invite, host key media for launch events and facilitate on-the-day interviews with relevant spokespeople.

Crafting a press release or pitch is only half the battle when it comes to attracting media attention, and achieving positive news coverage. Where you send a press release is often more important than what you send.

We provide access to a comprehensive media database. Using our directory, we’re able to find out exactly which media needs to be targeted in order to maximise the exposure of your campaign.

We also use this directory to compile targeted media lists to ensure that your PR and marketing content/communications reaches the intended audience.

Media list coverage:

  • Newspapers
  • Radio Stations
  • TV
  • Blogs
  • Websites
  • Magazines

Scope of Services:

  • Research and Strategy Development
  • Press Release Drafting
  • Targeted Media List Creation including magazines, newsprint, radio & online platforms.
  • Distribution to Verified Media Contacts

Other services

Our services extend beyond this marketing service. The team of brand management experts at Nelon offer a full brand audit, design and marketing services as well as brand reputation management. Interested in other essential services to improve your brand performance? View more services here:

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