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Social Media

Our marketing agency brand consultants are experts in Social Media marketing

Social Media Marketing

A social media presence gives users a platform through which they are able to engage and comment about your business.

Essentially, it creates a digital ‘community’ centred around your brand. It’s important for activity to be monitored, so that insights of target audience behaviour can be analysed. Furthermore, any negative feedback from customers can be addressed and rectified quickly.

We analyse the competitive environment and carry out an in-depth audit on your existing pages by using specialised tools to establish your pages’ current ranking. The audit will give us insight that guides us in taking the next steps to optimise your page, and plan your custom social media calendar.

Why choose us?

  • We use the latest online tools to activate, monitor and manage your social media accounts and campaigns to ensure that your brand’s message receives maximum exposure.
  • We are on the pulse of social media news and trends.

Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are used by billions of people every day, making them perfect platforms to advertise/ promote your products/ services.

Page Optimisation

We ensure a comprehensive social media presence for your business by ensuring your pages are fully optimised:

• Page Visibility
• Cover and Profile Images
• Page Info
• ‘About’ Tab
• Your Story

• ‘Services’ Tab
• ‘Shop’ Tab
• User Setup
• Messaging Setup

Content Creation

Using original material, sourced third-party material and repurposed website, blog and print content, we align a social media publishing strategy to your marketing calendar. This culminates in a pre-determined number of posts per month, which are intended to engage your audience, grow followers, generate leads, and/or drive customers to your website.

Targeted Campaigns

A targeted social campaign is an effective way to promote your business and its products/services on social media platforms. They offer insight because the platforms allow users to comment and share your content. It’s a pivotal component of growing your business. Through monitoring the campaign, we can analyse audience behaviour, amount of leads, conversions and offer insights into which areas are performing, and which aren’t. Based on the results, we can
help adapt your campaign to meet users’ needs and expectations.

We highly recommend that clients allocate some of their advertising budget spend on social advertising to include boosting posts and page promotion, which increases exposure across social media platforms.


By analysing audience insights provided by various social media platforms, we are able to adapt our targeting strategies and make effective, informed decisions regarding content and targeted campaign spend.


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