The Importance of Online Brand Reputation

The Importance of Online Brand Reputation

A change in the balance of power

The adage ‘your reputation is everything’ has never been truer than it is today. In the present-day’s vast, digital landscape, there has been a seismic shift in the balance of power – consumers now have a strong foothold on a brand’s reputation. Through the power of social media, which can disseminate information to a large audience, within seconds. It’s possible for a brand’s reputation can be compromised by negative feedback very quickly.

What can you do to keep your brand above these turbulent waters? Simply put: develop your own brand and ensure that it’s managed actively. There’s no doubt this is easier said than done, but it is essential to adapt and implement the following key aspects of brand online management:

Brand transparency: There is nowhere to hide from the public anymore, so ensure that you have nothing to hide. It’s best to be open and honest.
Be proactive: The continuous monitoring of your brand’s reputation on social media platforms, and review sites, is absolutely critical. Take whatever type of feedback you’ve received and address it accordingly.
Know your audience: If you don’t have a crystal-clear knowledge of your audience, you may as well pack up right now. It’s imperative that constantly monitor the people who engage with your brand – take note of what type of content is bringing in traffic. and conversely, which content has become stale.
Stay informed: Google, Facebook and Twitter are regularly updating algorithms which dictate your online visibility. Make sure that you are up-to-date with the latest social media, SEO and SEM trends of this dynamic industry. The truth is that the deck is stacked against you; you’re continually going to be navigating through a maze of ever-changing pathways, but this is the nature of the beast.

The decisions you (and audience) make shape your brand

‘91% of searches don’t go beyond Page 1, and Google is your new business card […] being proactive is now a necessity, and if you’re being reactive, the reputation damage has already been done — catch up isn’t a game you want really want to play,’ comments Nadia Munno, President of Massive PR.

The application and execution of effective strategies that frequently challenge (and change) the status-quo is an important tool to optimise your brand’s reputation.

Evolution of social media platforms

Social media platforms have evolved at an exponential rate and no longer operate as convenient ways to chat to friends – they are gateways through which a socially-empowered public can access information and make decisions that can influence your brand’s ranking on Google. The bottom line is that customer opinions have authority and can’t be ignored.

Tripp Donnelly, CEO and Founder of award-winning brand management agency, REQ, comments, ‘These perceptions will define you. This means that what’s out there, matters – and it will continue to matter. The news cycle may evolve quickly, but your digital footprint never disappears.’

At Nelon, we understand the importance of having a powerful online brand reputation and through our expertise, will nurture, manage and grow your brand’s reputation to ensure that you remain ahead of the curve.

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