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In a dynamic and changing industry, our team remains calm, cool and collected. We conceptualise, research, design and implement marketing strategies tailored
to reveal your brand to the world. We promote an energetic, proactive office ambiance where creativity thrives. We believe in transparent communication where all ideas are welcomed and discussed.

Our 3 Step Powerful Brand Solution

“As a serial entrepreneur, I know that it takes strength, purpose, organisation and a great idea to build a business. I also know that process and procedure can stifle
creative energy and ideas. My goal is to help you create a compelling brand identity and to grow your success from a unique vantage.”
– Chris Nel, Founder, Nelon.

Our talented team are experts at creating a powerful brand, using our methodology.

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Creators of Coolness

The spark of Nelon is a serial entrepreneur, Chris Nel, who brings diverse industry expertise and a methodology formulated from working with a backlog of clients over the years.

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