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What is a
Brand Consultant?

An expert who helps companies define, sharpen, and grow their reputation over time – making the brand a more important driver of business performance.

For brand managers, protecting brand integrity and reputation are top priorities. Growing a brand’s trust, values, and mission are an important part of brand management.

Recognition starts with making the right brand assets accessible, communicating clear guidelines and enabling on-brand re-use.

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Our Story

As a Brand Consultancy & Communications Agency in Cape Town, Nelon provides integrated brand strategies that focus on sales improvement and evaluate marketing efficiency, mapping out the road to the next level of your brand’s success.

For years, we have worked to fine-tune and perfect our craft, to consult and assist in positioning brands and transforming them into market leaders in their industry; transcending any geographical borders and limitations.

Our core strategy as a team has been to further your brand’s growth. Brand consulting works with a diverse range of clients in South Africa, from multiple industries and markets.

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Build your Brand: Start with a Brand Audit and Brand Discovery Session.

Brand discovery Session in Nelon. A faster way to explore your brand, get an independent perspective and in-session ideas to help you move forward. You ask us questions, and share your thoughts and challenges.

We challenge back, consult and offer ideas on the fly and can deliver In-session ideas. Who’s it for?

Looking for independent advice and a sounding board to explore your way forward?
Duration: 3 hours

It’s time to bring you and your team together to learn everything we can about your brand and challenges. Years of perfecting this methodology ensures nothing is left unsaid and no stone is left unturned.

This is our time to group-up and assemble the right team to kick-off our internal brief-up, align on the delivery of goals and prepare for your discovery workshop.

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Brand Management & Consulting Agency Cape Town
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Our Business Strategy

Help companies improve their performance, while developing future plans for added expansion and business growth.

We also know that process and procedure can stifle creative energy and ideas. Our goal is to help you create a compelling brand identity to grow your success from a unique vantage.

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Our Approach

It starts with the journey to discovery – the all-important brand consultation phase, where understanding your brand and what makes it unique sparks the flame of brand-building beyond your expectations.

During the discovery phase, we will schedule a few meetings and introduce you to the Nelon team, get the scope on you and your company, and finally find out how we can help your brand reach its full potential.

Think of it as an amalgamation of minds, skills and expertise with the singular goal of providing you with the best solution for you!

We generate new ideas for the purpose of unveiling our plan of action: aims, objectives, expectations, goals – the whole nine yards! All ideas and thoughts are laid out on the table and rearranged to become one cohesive solution storyboard that acts as a catalyst for the next step…

Brand Management & Consulting Agency Cape Town
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The Journey
Begins Here

We believe in the power of digital technology and marketing strategies to transform and enhance your business’ ability to attract new clients.

This is achievable through improved presence, enhanced communication with existing clients and elevating their experiences with your brand. This is why we are dedicated and passionate about what we do.

Over the past few years, our brand consulting agency has worked with a select group of entrepreneurs and brands. Our success with our clientele has relied heavily on close collaboration, streamlined communication and related strategies.

Brand Management & Consulting Agency Cape Town
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Think Design and Develop
your Company Profile

Whatever your business sells a product or service, we can help draw the picture and create a strong profile that works for you online and offline.

Everyone is looking for new and innovative ways to communicate and connect with their customers. At Nelon, we help our clients make confident decisions today to achieve the targets they have for tomorrow.

The company profile, the foundation on which the Nelon team will tell an engaging and compelling story about your company, should strongly resonate with your audience and customers, and remain etched in their minds long after they’ve seen it.

A great deal of research on our part goes into defining your company and branding, how to maximize your unique strengths and use them as leverage to propel you further than your competition.

Brand Management & Consulting Agency Cape Town
Brand Management & Consulting Agency Cape Town
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Managing your Brand’s Digital
Assets and Performance

Only when brand assets are centralized, can they be distributed to internal and external parties in a consistent, effective way.

This entails matching the integrated brand strategy with one or several of our services to execute a fully realized brand or company roll-out over the duration specified in the company overview. Here we track, monitor and manage the brand strategy on a month-to-month basis

with monthly reporting to clearly demonstrate the performance of set KPIs – should there be any shortcomings, we will revisit the strategy to identify any gaps or missed opportunities and tweak it to ensure it meets your optimal expectations.

This is one of our core values, a pillar of our business framework, and it’s what motivates us to do our best to help our clients achieve their goals.

Brand Management & Consulting Agency Cape Town
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The Importance of an
Integrated Brand Strategy

The typical adult is exposed to more than 350 ads a day, but only about one-third of them attract even a few seconds of attention. Of those ads, very few will be remembered even a day later.

One way to ensure that your ads and other marketing resources make a lasting impression is to integrate them into a consistent narrative that can be implemented across multiple channels of delivery.

Brand Management & Consulting Agency Cape Town
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Brand Strategy Workshops

Aimed at small to medium enterprises, highly experienced business strategists and brand consultants are bringing their expertise together to give you the practical knowledge you need to succeed.

The purpose of this session is to brainstorm ideas, create and implement strategic plans, review results, adjust and be accountable. This program suits ambitious business owners who are committed to finding ways to build their personal brands.

Brand Management & Consulting Agency Cape Town
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Our Highlights






Brand Strategy







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Our Achievements

2020 has been a tough year for a number of businesses. But as a brand consulting agency in Cape Town, we have worked to ensure that our client’s stories are told, through resilience and strength.

Overcoming a number of challenges, we’ve made positive strides and fought the status quo.

We managed to achieve:

705 000

www sessions
Highest home-page traffic
volume generated


Ad views
Most viewed Google Ad account

46 705

Most leads generated
for a single client

Brand Management & Consulting Agency Cape Town

13 National Campaigns with over

157 000


42 691

Most liked Social Media account

101 000

Most clicked Social Media account

ROI 98:1

R 2,245,616.73
Highest AVE generated in 1 month
(Advertising Value Equivalent)

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Our Clients

Our aim is to facilitate development within our communities. We have worked with many organisations and assisted them with strategic planning, brand consulting, and business support services.

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Our Clients

Our aim is to facilitate development within our communities. We have worked with many organisations and assisted them with strategic planning, brand consulting, and business support services.

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Tel: 021 140 1593

Cell: +27 (0)83 480 5872

Physical Address:
183 Albion Springs, c/o Main & Albion,
Rondebosch, Cape Town,
Western Cape, 7700


· Digital Transformation

· Systems Analysis & Design

· Brand & Identity Development

· Integrated Brand Strategy


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