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The Journey Begins Here

The Nelon management team provides integrated brand strategies that focus on sales improvement and evaluate marketing efficiencies, mapping out the road to the next level of your brand’s success.

During the last 5 years, Nelon has worked to fine-tune and perfect its craft as a go-to brand consultancy and management agency where we aspire to assist in positioning brands and transforming them into market leaders in their industry, transcending any geographical borders and limitations.

We are proud of our growth, our ever-evolving agency offering, our team and the growth we’ve yielded for our clients.

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Consulting & Managing your Brand’s Digital Assets

This entails matching the integrated brand strategy with one or several of our services to execute a fully realised brand or company roll-out over the duration specified in the company overview. Here we track, monitor and manage the brand strategy on a month-to-month basis with

monthly reporting to clearly demonstrate the performance of set KPIs – should there be any shortcomings, we will revisit the strategy to identify any gaps or missed opportunities and tweak it to ensure it meets your optimal expectations.

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The importance of an integrated brand strategy

While integrated marketing campaigns can differ in their goals, they should all have one component in common: to align your marketing channels to present a united marketing ‘front’.

It’s also more effective to run integrated marketing campaigns as compared to campaigns on individual channels. Integrated marketing campaigns are impactful for a few reasons:

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We Help Design & Develop Companies Profile’s

The company profile. The foundation on which the Nelon team will tell an engaging and compelling story about your company that should strongly resonate with your audience and customers long after they’ve put it down or closed the tab.

Think of it as the other half of your brand’s overall identity – we define the uniqueness of your brand, review your current collateral and highlight the materials necessary to make your company profile match your brand image.

A great deal of research on our part goes into defining your company and branding, how to maximise on your unique strengths and use it as leverage to propel you further than your competition – outlining what is feasible or viable for you in order to match with our plan of action.

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Inspire & Create Sales & Marketing Campaign’s

Before we can fully realise your overall marketing and brand goals as our client, we need to create a structured, integrated brand strategy. As such, our team brainstorms ideas which then manifest into a comprehensive 6 to a 12-month strategy that is unique to you and focused on promoting your BRAND.

This framework, which is drafted with close attention to detail, serves to discover

exactly how your business will accomplish its particular goals in accordance with the set brand or corporate identity we have crafted.

We refer to it as your marketing “blueprint” – a high-level marketing plan that guides all relevant collaborators through the process of designing, engineering and contributing to realising the set goals.

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Take control over your brand

The scope of services herein has been carefully planned and calculated based on current events and forecasting that best suits your business.

Complete consolidation and integration of the full suite of Google Business platforms including MyBusiness, YouTube, Search Consol, AdWords, Shopping (for Retail) and Analytics as relevant to your business.

Enjoy full access to your reporting dashboard, customised to your specific goals, KPI’s or preferred metrics. Up-to-date insights of over 50 marketing integrations available in one, accessible dashboard

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Our Achievements

2020 has been a tough year for a number of businesses. But as an agency, we have worked to ensure that our client’s stories are told, through resilience and strength. Overcoming a number of challenges, we’ve made positive strides and fought the status quo.

We managed to achieve:

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Nelon, has consistently delivered business and client value on our Client’s programme. A key advantage is Nelon’s ability to manage and adapt to our fast-evolving requirements. We absolutely enjoy their flexibility and agility at short notice which is invaluable in our fast BPO environment.

Renee Keeble
CEO – SA Commercial

Chris Nel of Nelon (Pty) Ltd worked with our company for a few short months, we were exposed to his extensive research in the advertising industry, experience, and general know-how and this changed our thinking for the better, in turn improving our business drastically.

Small things made the big changes; learning to be proactive, and not reactive.

Dale Clay
Director – Digital Express

Working with Nelon has really made a huge difference in my business. Always assisting me in pushing the limits and really getting my name and brand out there.

The Nelon Staff / Team really go the extra mile, Always give me the individual attention I need and make me feel apart off the Nelon team! Really positive energies working with them!

Ashley Pillay
Director – Topline

The Nelon team has impressed us with their professionalism, and we are incredibly grateful for the work they’ve done.

The agency’s effective strategies steered us in the right direction giving our brand a prominent digital footprint. The final collateral we received was perfectly designed, with an ageless, clean and sleek look that we originally envisioned for Chwai.

Yanga Njozela
Director – Chwai