What we do

Looking at your business from the outside in, and the inside out, we can help you see what you need in order to stay ahead, remain relevant, and be different.

We break this down into 3 areas of focus that allow us to take a holistic look into your business and marketing operations. This allows us to offer a tailored solution to fit your needs and budget.

Brand Consulting

We start with looking into your brand from a holistic approach by understanding the business thinking, we can create the brand message & grow your market presence:

  • Analysis your target market & positioning
  • Conceptualise a cohesive brand message
  • Create a strong company profile to drive sales
  • Offer strategic market insights & tactics
  • Create new brand design solutions
  • Brand Consulting Services Cape Town
    Brand Consulting
    - Do you need a marketing plan that works?
    - Want to get your business online?
  • Search Engine Optimization Services Cape Town
    Brand Solutions
    - Do you need to create a brand?
    - Do you need to expand your business?

Brand Solutions

We can design, produce and manage all the essential brand marketing tactics you need to advertise your brand to clients and consumers:

  • Brand management, through Social Media & PR campaigns
  • Website design & SEO optimization
  • Graphic design & print material
  • Online marketing strategy, including content writing & management
  • Brand activation’s, events & tactics to reach consumers

Business Development and Growth

Our Business Development knowledge allows us to instinctively analysis your company internally and externally. We offer the following services to drive the growth of your brand from within:

  • Assessment of product offering & market trends
  • Strategy for product/portfolio growth
  • Situation analysis of internal business problems & how to improve
  • Customer relationship management, with internal organizational solutions to manage your clients better & grow your business
  • Web and data analytics, with insights & solutions
  • Business brand consulting
  • Growth strategy solutions for short & long term
  • Brand Consulting Services Cape Town
    Business Growth
    - Does your business have a good story?
    - Is your business where you want it to be?

How We Work

As a growing brand and business consultant, we go way above and beyond simple marketing and branding strategies. We provide district, manageable methods that can build our clients business to optimum heights.

We can take care of all your brand needs; act as an extension of your marketing department or just help out in the areas where you need the most assistance.

Consulting Engagements

Addressing site specific issues, our projects are structured to address any issues you are currently facing. Our proposal specifies the recommended project solutions including the activities, costs and resources needed.

Brainstorming Sessions

Sessions are designed to cover the unique specifications of each client. Some of the topics we may cover include marketing strategy, brand extension, introductions to the best practice and business development solutions.

Retainer Relationships

We want to see your company succeed, the need may arise out of consulting projects to assist our clients on an ongoing basis. Our retainers provide active support to for our clients.

By Understanding Your Business, We Can Build Your Company Profile

As a serial entrepreneur, I know that it takes strength, purpose, organisation and a great idea to build a business.
I also know that process and procedure can stifle creative energy and ideas.
My goal is help you create a compelling brand identity to grow your success, from a unique vantage.

Chris Nel, Founder, Nelon.